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Old Trunk proudly present their patrons (imagine a cute fanfare if you will...)
Jenny Eclair   Jenny Eclair

Comedian, actor, and author, Jenny Eclair was the first female to win the legendary Perrier Award in 1995, and now busies herself with other general acts of brilliance.

She is a keen supporter of theatre and the arts.

For an interview with Jenny about writing, click here.

"Sadie Hasler's 'The Bastard Children of Remington Steele' - proof that British fringe theatre is something that must be cherished – this is where all the off the wall and interesting ideas are."
Phil Jupitus   Phil Jupitus
Comedian, actor, improvisor, DJ,and author, lovely Phill is best known for his captaincy on Never Mind The Buzzcocks and regular appearances on QI.

His passion for theatre and strong new voices in the world of writing has seen him take Old Trunk under his wing. He coos to us every now and then when we need kind words.
"Writing so different and alive. So supple it's got movement; it slaloms. A firework of a presence - stand back and go "ooh"..."
Deborah Frances-White   Deborah Frances-White

Screenwriter, stand-up comedian, corporate speaker, co-author of The Improv Handbook, and creator of The New Girls Network, which helps women unlock their personal power.

Deborah encourages women to be strong and sassy everywhere from the stage to the realms of business, and is looking forward to giving Old Trunk a good dose of chutzpah wherever needed.

"I am delighted to be a patron of Old Trunk - a delightful new theatre
company with plenty of ambition, daring and skill. They manage to explore
tough subjects like loneliness, bereavement and neglect while lifting the
audience's spirits and making them laugh hard. They have an expert control
of tone, an obvious love of language and portray characters with real
dimension. Old Trunk tell provocative, entertaining stories and have a
playful approach to form and content which will no doubt mean their growth and success with audiences and critics for a long time to come.
I look forward to seeing what they do next and promoting their timely,
delightful work."
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